Getting outside of our comfort zones

In my life, it has been outside to get out of my ‘comfort zone.’ Comfort zone is basically the zone of which you are comfortable expanding what you are comfortable doing or trying. Getting out and trying new things is important. A few years back, I finally took interest in myself and started standing up to more people in my life, family included. After I was diagnosed with asthma, I started branching out more into what I could do for the community. I discovered the role that I had been playing in the destruction of my community.

I worked for National Products Inc/Ram Mounts for a few years when I first got back to Seattle because I needed work. I didn’t realize how dangerous to people’s health the plastic mounts company I worked at was, and have spent my past few years drawing attention to and trying to improve my community. So, I work with groups in order to free my community and make us more independent. We are done being the dumping ground for everything the other parts of Seattle don’t want.

I believe that my community is worth fighting for and protecting. People ask what I do for work, and that’s it. I’m also a journalist and author, but it all revolves around protecting my area, and promoting change through a chain-reaction. Boycotting and riots seem to be the biggest ways that huge companies are affected. It lets them know that there are some people willing to fight back.

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