Why Capitalism is Failing

Capitalism is failing America. Anyone who has been paying attention has notices this. Yet again, our government and companies are afraid of taking a page out of the playbook of other countries. Our government and private companies love invading other countries, but we don’t seem to enjoy working with them, and admitting our faults to better care for our people. There are many ideas that we could get from other countries about how to solve our housing crisis, as well as our growing wealth gap.

Other countries have had their own ‘trial and error’ programs. Countries like France and Germany have had their own revolutions, and so make a much greater effort in providing sustainable public programs for their populace. I would’ve thought that the rich capitalists and oligarchs in our country would have studied their history and learn what happens when you keep gouging prices and ignoring the lower and middle-class. Your head gets whacked off. If the idea of this is what starts the rich paying more into public programs, and better standards of living, then so be it.

Paying workers well and providing public programs is how we keep some form of capitalism going. Those at the top need to sacrifice some wealth and power in order to maintain what they have. The alternative is a revolution or Civil War, neither of which has always been the kindest to those with extreme amounts of wealth. If workers feel that they are not being paid enough or that their quality of living would be greater if we made our own communities, then that may be what ends up happening. We are seeing the ending stages as it is now, though. Capitalism is failing us.




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