People over profits

People over profits is a very important business model to have. It helps ensure the loyalty of workers in businesses, and helps the business grow. This does not mean being altruistic, because that would mean fighting human nature. But that does mean valuing people and employees over money. Businesses need to make money, true, but not at the expense of their workers.

This looks like; paying workers a living wage, giving medical benefits and pensions, paid parental leave, (as they do in other countries). Costco is a decent example of this. Costco is not hurting for money, but for employees they are attractive. They pay decent wages, give good benefits, such as medical, and dental. There are also opportunities to move up, along with other perks. If your employees feel cared about and taken into consideration and are paid well, they help drive your company, thus helping save much time and money.

Money is saved from fighting unions, strikes, lawsuits, turnover from disgruntled employees and bad press. Instead, money can be spent paying your workers well and feeding back into the business. As well as money, it saves an ass-load of time as well. I mean, it’s so simple. As a business man myself (albeit on a much smaller scale and mostly for contract work for myself, for getting my art merchandise designs done), I see great value in paying people well. I gain a good reputation as someone who cares about the environment (open job opportunities) as well as someone who pays well (more people willing to do work/business with me). If you can’t afford to pay a living wage, you shouldn’t be in business. People are more important than your profit, because they make your business the money that enables you to have the profit. The currency we have today is also fiat currency (meaning it has no value other than what we say it does).

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