How coming to terms with death can enable one to accomplish more in life

Death is something that humanity fears, and keeps us from accomplishing more and is used as threats to keep us from achieving our true potential as a species. I used to be afraid of death when I was in middle school, I had lots of anxiety about it. My mom had to give me one mental health day a month since I was struggling with it. This attitude probably honestly lasted until the point where I got asthma from working for a toxic industrial corporation in the ‘sacrifice zone’ in which I reside. I figured since the biological clock is ticking faster for me, that I should try and accomplish more. This had led to my courage growing by leaps and bounds and has forced me to expand outside of my comfort zone.

For me, my life expectancy is about 10 years less or more than the rest of King County. This is why I have used the knowledge of the fact that I’m probably going to die earlier, in order to put up stiffer resistance against toxic industrials and predatory development. The local government and companies may threaten us with “we’ll just stick more toxic industrials down there.” Where though? There is literally no places between the toxic industrials, and machining shops that are in the small machining district we have here. The predatory development we have down here is also not sustainable.

South Park and Georgetown are right next to the river and all of the extra development has been compacting the water table, and causing flooding in some of my friends basements. It’s not that we don’t want affordable housing built down in the area (if it was truly affordable for renters/owners). It’s that we can’t have more affordable homes down here. The area is a resiliency district and is high-risk for flooding, as we saw in our streets and basements in the spring, after the snow melt. It is a bad idea to pack more people in a ‘sacrifice zone’ where on top of the chemicals in the air and in the Duwamish River, that residents also have to deal with flooding.

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