Why I care more about the survival of humanity than myself

Humanity will survive me, I merely wish to help this next generation be able to survive and not be our last one. One of my biggest flaws is that I care more about the survival of humanity than my own well-being. This is ironic, as I see what human greed is doing to our civilization and our habitat as a whole. I care though, because part of me hopes that humanity will survive and learn to thrive with other species even though I know it may fail, due to our own greed. Which is why I’m trying to teach humanity to respect our habitat.

The most difficult part of this, is that I know humanity will not survive unless we all learn to work together. Our world is going through climate change and right now an extreme heat-wave for many parts of the world. Much of this is human-influenced. What Oligarchs and large companies don’t seem to grasp is that if there are not enough people alive due to how they are fucking over the planet for profit, that there will be not enough consumers for their services making money worthless. I’m a humanitarian, meaning that I care about the survival of humanity.

I know that for humanity to survive, we will have to work together, which is why I work in my community towards stable public programs. The capitalist rich paying large sums into these programs would help cut down on resentment and would make others want to pay, once they see those with money paying it forward into programs that actually benefit everyone. The sooner that society stops hoarding and instead shares, the sooner resentment and desperation fades. Greed is what destroys our race. We can either work together or ALL die.




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