How we should measure ‘useful people’ in society

In the current world order, humanity frames those as having the most wealth as being the most ‘useful to society.’ Here’s another way to look at it though; how many of those same rich capitalists would still be useful to humanity if we decided one day that money was no longer valuable? Would they still have skills to make themselves useful to that order? Many of them, probably not, as they are so used to other people making money and doing the work that needs to be done for them. As an example, one of my friends down the road works for a beer company, but he also has experience as a carpenter, something that will always be needed, as people will always need stuff built, same thing with other trade skills (cooking, plumbing, construction, etc.)

Looking at me, many might not think that I look like the ‘useful’ type. I play sports, and invest/write to make ends meet, but I look like a DND nerd, (no offense to DND nerds, though I love to play as well). But, I also did 2 years of AmeriCorps and spent some time doing volunteer work as well; both in my community and in Ohio when I lived there. I have experience in many skills to different degrees; trail-building, home construction, tutoring, writing, gardening and growing plants, tree care. This is because I like to learn more about the world I am in, but also so I can help teach others, and help create more communal-based neighborhoods, cities, states and create a chain-reaction.

The more I’ve thought about this, the more I think that the rich capitalists want our system to stay the same, because they know in a breakdown of society they wouldn’t be very useful. They would have little transferable skills besides making money and trying to control others, which once money becomes of little value, will be a lot less effective. Capitalism, as we see now, is also destroying our habitat and planet. It’s money at the cost of everything else, which is not at all sustainable, and I’ll be writing a future post on that topic as well.

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