How to show you are a leader

While I am a fan of not having leaders in society, while we are in a society that has them, we need people to show that they are ‘true leaders.’ In my mind, true leaders are not ‘desk generals.’ While some may become desk generals after a life of being out in the field doing community work, it is important that they do that first. Leaders shouldn’t be about ‘virtue signaling’ but about action. Leader’s also need to be not be afraid to make their own sacrifices.

I consider myself to be a ‘true leader.’ I keep my money in the community, I had a job in the community, from which I got asthma. I also feed money into a local preservation coalition to keep the neighborhood better protected from predatory development. I put my money where my mouth is and am heavily involved in the community; whether this is activism efforts against toxic industrial corporation, or fighting predatory development and the loss of the neighborhood. I also don’t believe in ‘virtue signaling’ about every little thing, which is why I’m not as widely known as some of the other figures in the area.

A leader can’t be afraid to step on toes to get stuff done, to go against large corporations, and rock the boat. A leader must be willing to put himself on the front lines in dangerous or potentially dangerous situations in order to prove himself as one and let the troops know that they have their back. I plan to die fighting for my area at some point in my life, because I know that my community is going to have to take a stand if we want our families and kids to live lives worth living and to thrive and not just survive. Many are afraid to become leaders and sacrifice themselves for their ideals. I’m not one of them, I’ve come to terms with the facts that my life expectancy will be less in South Seattle, and so am ‘balling out’ before I go.

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