Death and forms of immortality

Death is something that comes to us all eventually, even the extremely rich. There are, however, forms of immortality. I’ve heard the saying “you die twice, once when you die, and the last when someone speaks your name for the last time.” Due to my health issues and living in a ‘sacrifice zone’ as well as my job having a reputation for a violent end, I’m attempting forms of immortality after my death. I’m trying to help humanity to survive. My thanks will be as someone who was remembered long after I die.

I want other kids and generations to learn from the mistakes of destroying our habitat from our previous generations and instead work to ensure a sense of balance within our environment. I write many forms of media, so that there will be records after I am gone, and so I can leave a roadmap to try and continue my work. I write zines, articles, flyers, books, and also do podcasts as well, to inform others of what’s going on in my community. I invest my money, but am not afraid to cash out some of my stocks (even incurring the taxes coming along with it). I’ve cashed out a fair amount in the past few years, because I believe in trying to better the lives of the community in my neighborhood.

I’m also not a hypocrite and put my money where my mouth is. I can’t expect others to make sacrifices if I’m not willing to do the same. I don’t expect to die of old age, and so I work hard in bettering my community through mutual aid as well. While I making money selling my products, I’m not a money-oriented person. My funds go into bettering the community.

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