How you can help change our current system

Given the world’s current climate (both figuratively and literally), you may be filled with a sense of doom. Politicians on both sides of the aisle refusing to do anything about climate change, as well as politicians in other countries, women’s right’s being eroded in the U.S., inflation and other problems. I’m here to offer you some hope in what you can do from a personal standpoint to help better our current system and world. There is much that I have been doing. This is because I’m not a hypocrite.

Our current system is focused on wealth over community. This is what will kill humanity and is literally killing us already. Humanity’s attitude seems to be to let things get to be a huge problem before ever doing anything to solve it, and then seem to be focused on addressing the symptoms but not the root cause. Our for-profit system is destroying politics, health care and communities. This is an ironic stance for me to take, as one side of my family comes from an investing background.

I’m not having kids, because I don’t want to stick them in the current dystopia our world is going through right now. People will sometimes ask me if I wish I hadn’t been born due to my pro-choice stance as far as abortions. Well, if I wasn’t born, I wouldn’t know. If I knew the world I was coming into, I may have had second thoughts about coming into this world. A world, where the rich can get away with whatever, cause money. A world where we turn our eyes at the uncomfortable parts and truths that we don’t want to admit. We don’t teach our kids sex education and then fault kids for getting pregnant.

Where people are more concerned with getting rich than helping communities. It’s a predatory system that will kill and is currently killing humanity. How we get out of this system is getting more involved in our communities and making ourselves more self-sufficient through gardens and other community infrastructure. By looking after one another and trying to help humanity survive instead of getting hung up on Trans sports players, restrooms, and instead of focusing on helping fix our current housing system, food system, and climate change. These will hurt all of us, regardless of political background. I will be writing posts on the above subjects in the future as well.

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