Horrifying Cut-throat Capitalist Game of Monopoly




Many of you are familiar with the game of Monopoly, from when you were growing up. The ultimate goal is to own all of the properties on the board, or at the least, make it impossible for other players to have big profits as well, and to have steady stream of income. If this sounds like our current nightmare of an economic structure, it’s because it is. The game was made to warn us about the predatory game of capitalism, that is a real-life game that affects us everyday. Do you not see the effects in our society, from the homelessness, predatory development and ‘sacrifice zones’ to workers trapped in a system that doesn’t pay a majority enough to live?

Other countries have adapted this same greed and we should ask them how it turned out when workers are desperate and riches are hoarded by capitalists instead of being used towards public programs that benefit society? Hitler, Napolean, these as many other figures came to power because their countries were desperate. Both leaders turned out to cost Europe much economically, and in Hitler’s case, a literal World War. Both times when these players were coming to power, the rich probably thought that they would be safe, because money. Not the case, this is how Trump was able to come to power in the U.S. and the Republican Party is no longer the Republican Party, but the Party of Trump.

Capitalism is literally the system of growing profits over the concern of everything else, which is why other countries have social-capitalist countries, where they mix the two. Growth is still happening, but there is a safety net for the populace. The populace is also less desperate, making revolutions less likely, saving everyone money. Our system of capitalism is predatory, and is destroying not just the U.S., but contributing to Climate Change as we can see in record temperatures in Europe right now. Ironically, strangling the competition as we see with Amazon and other mega-corps, is that it cuts down on human innovation. This also makes it harder to innovate to save our species as well.

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