American Transit Systems

American public transit sucks compared to other countries, from an economic standpoint, we’d be fucked if we were ever invaded, due to lack of transport infrastructure. There are many rich families, like the Koch’s, who are majorly behind the oil companies who work to crush transport and keep us in gasoline cars. Making mass transit both sustainable, and affordable will cut down on the oil oligarch’s power in the U.S. Fixing the transport system would also lead to many more jobs.

Jobs is always a big talking point for politicians during election season. Making more rail systems as they have in more transit-evolved countries would lead to many more renewable jobs, it’s also much more efficient in my exp. Would you rather spend $25 and a bunch of time being stuck in traffic for parking to an event or spend 2 dollars riding the rail? I’d prefer saving my time and money. It’s just so much faster and more convenient.

Reasons that mass transit is better in other countries: Firstly, Europe puts more houses and jobs near train stations. Secondly, getting more transit for their money; building more, cheaper stations, instead of a few, grander ones. Thirdly, Europeans didn’t tear down city centers in order to build freeways. How do we fix these problems? There are a few solutions.

For starters, after WW2, Europe built their cities around public transport. This led to more jobs and housing as well as less wasted transport stations. A few solutions that the blog mentions is to tear down urban freeways and replace them with mass transit and and boulevards. Boring political reforms to make sure public’s money is well-spent. Also building cities around mass transit.

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