Why working Harder is Making the US Poorer




As I have said before in other writings and in my article above, the US falls behind many other advanced countries in terms of wages and benefits for workers. These include benefits such as paid parental leave, workers also work much fewer hours, and are more efficient. The power of workers comes from the means of production. They are the ones that make the companies money, the wiser countries in the world realize this. It is not for so much humanitarian concern for them, as it is an economical one.

How much work production and money is lost to companies each year to strikes, worker riots, lawsuits, etc. That time could be better spent paying workers to work, as you actually get something back from that expenditure of money. Caring for your workers is not only the humanitarian thing to do, but the economical. Not doing so is very costly to the company. It is why I’m an ethical investor. I like making money, as long we have an unfortunate system based on money, but I can choose to invest in companies that are less likely to encounter these issues because they treat employees well.

Part of why workers across the political spectrum are pissed as fuck about the current state of America is multitude of reasons. Working longer and harder and not being able to afford homes like their parents could. Wages staying stagnant while old people in congress vote themselves bonuses and more wealth. In addition, massive amounts of vacation and benefits for their families. Politicians would face less resentment if they were putting taxes into public programs like roads, subsidizing affordable homes and providing better benefits to the citizenry they are supposed to represent. Wages wouldn’t need to be as high if houses didn’t cost so much, and people’s basic needs were taken care of. We need public programs like Universal Basic Income and taxpayer paid healthcare, instead of the corporate greed system we have.

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