How we fix the wealth gap; a look back at earlier times of FDR and Eisenhower warning against the Military Industrial Complex

The military has become a military industrial complex. There are many more companies that specialize in supplying our military. Eisenhower warned against letting the military becoming so corporatized. I can see what he meant, with a lot of the those companies, come a lot of unsavory actions. Manufacturers, such as Boeing, are also toxic industrial companies. This harms whatever community they are by from pollutions and chemicals. Yet our government overlooks this because of money and other greed, also is necessary for jobs.

My argument is what about the people in those communities? In more developed countries, they put the toxic industrials far away from where people are living, and hopefully away from water sources people drink. We do not think that same way about people in our country. This also feeds into health affects and puts more strain on an already massively-strained health care system. We can put better jobs out that won’t cause long and short-term health effects. America needs to take better care of its citizenry.

FDR was a major progressive, as far as taxes on the wealthy went. He raised income taxes on the wealthy to 94% over a certain income, in the article above. The country was going through massive fiscal debts and I think it was a smart move. If the wealthy are going to make the most from war, shouldn’t they be responsible from the country’s fiscal debts from being in a war that benefitted them? Makes a good amount of sense, is like if you order the most food at a restaurant for yourself, you should pay more.

We don’t have this wealth tax here any more and our current Tax System, the IRS has been de-balled. Other countries tax rich more, and have more progressive systems because of it. In countries like Germany they have a rail system that stretches the country, and is affordable. The populace is also less resentful and willing to pay more in taxes, after they see the capitalists paying more and more. One of the main reasons that people in the US are resentful of the capitalist class, is that they stopped pouring money into public programs for the greater good, much of which the rich also benefit from like roads, and other infrastructure.

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