Corruption of the Health Insurance Agencies in America

Health insurance agencies around the world are not perfect, even in more advanced countries, but is a growing problem in the U.S. Our health care system is very corrupt, and this is being laid bare over the pandemic. Health care companies keep driving up the costs of much needed medications such as insulin. Funny story about that, the man who created insulin wanted it to be as affordable as possible. Yet the insurance industry in the U.S. charges amounts not many can afford.

No wonder more people are going homeless. On top of huge rent hikes, there is the health insurance lobbyists in politics and many like Sinema are paid by them. This is contributing to the fallout of the pandemic and is no wonder that people are losing faith in the government. For context, it happened long before Trump ever entered the political picture. It really came to a head with Reagan and doing away with a lot of the mental health programs during his time as president.

All of this really feeds into the ‘me’ culture amongst our country and is highlighted by those in positions of power. This all feeds into why America as a country is failing, by failing its citizens. I feel for the nurses and doctors and people in health care. Many of them are leaving the profession, not from being anti-vax, but from being over-worked and underpaid for so long. The pandemic was merely the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Corporate health care agencies have the money to hire more workers to lessen the blows and to pay workers more, yet they refuse. This leads to many strikes in the U.S. This is from burnout from lack of breaks during work, from lacking enough staff to help, burnout and being underpaid and overworked. Greed is what leads to the downfall of industries. Just pay your workers and care for them. They are the ones that make you the money.

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