Fighting against the rise of Facism as well as keeping Church and State Separate

This is a multi-part blog post. The first is on the growing rise of Facism in America in particular. Part of this feeds back into the wealth gap. As one of my friends told me, some rich people are noticing and working to do something, but not enough. You may be wondering; how does this tie into the rise of Facism? After all, America helped defeat Hitler last century, surely he is not getting his revenge from beyond the grave? Unfortunately, his death is not as final as some would hope.

Facism in Germany, as is becoming the case here, is born of desperation in part. The rich refusal to pay into public programs, increase wages and help workers lead to desperation. That makes it easier for someone like Trump to come into power, who takes advantage of that current system. A minority people who don’t have anything to do with the issue are then blamed for the country’s woes, and then power is slowly consolidated. Government begins spying more and more on its citizens, as is the case here. There are many similarities between Trump and Hitler as well, as seen in the article below.

Now, how do we recognize the rise in Facism and work to stop a similar result that happened in Germany? There are many ways, all of which will take sacrifice from all of us, and won’t be easy. Companies paying workers more and making them less desperate, and less easy to manipulate. More workers fighting for unionization within their companies to get better benefits for them and their families. Capitalists paying more money into public programs to help keep populace happy (roads, water systems, alternative/renewable energy research that is subsidized, so more people can afford to install, letting affordable homes be built in their neighborhoods, putting garden infrastructure and more trees in for less well-off communities).

This is necessary if capitalists want to keep the current system. They are benefitting greatly on the backs of others, so they need to pay more back into the system to improve it for others, before we have revolutions or revolts. Unions and co-ops are necessary, because we can’t trust them to pay back into the system for others by themselves. Less desperate, happy people are harder to manipulate. In the case of the next possible coup/revolt/civil war situation we have, not even rich capitalists are will be safe. If anything, the next person in charge of the situation will use them as the blame party.

The importance of keeping church and state separate, is very important. We are seeing the case now with the Supreme Court taking away much of the power of the EPA, overturning Roe V Wade, and allowing teachers to lead prayers in school. The Supreme Court is supposed to be impartial and not allowing their personal beliefs to affect their decisions in the court rulings. Yet this new, very conservative court is allowing their religious and conservative beliefs to kill many. As I have put in a previous blog on Women’s rights, access to structure programs for families and easy access to abortions actually results in more children being born. This is because parents feel better protected when having children. There is also the matter of the 438,000 kids needing adoption in the Foster System.

We are likely to see more violence as a result of their decisions. Gun violence from women looking to protect themselves. Violence from groups looking to save humanity from the toxins we are killing our race off with, and from other desperate people who are being crushed beneath our inequitable system. Beneath what our tyrannical government has become. It is no longer about the greater good, people are recognizing the country for the sinking ship it has become and are getting theirs.

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