Protecting Women’s rights and Legalizing prostitution

As we’ve seen with the recent legislation being passed by our Facist Supreme Court, women’s right’s need protections. In the eyes of such a court and the growing Facist movement in the US, we must take measures to protect our rights as citizens. Women need protection, just as men do. If our country and government don’t believe in that anymore, then women may need to move to a different country that will treat them better. This will cut down on our power as a nation as well. States that are banning abortion are likely see a mass exodus of women leaving the states.

They will be seeking organizations and places of refuge. I will be doing what I can to support organizations who can help them. I am busy in my own fights against toxic industrials and unaffordable development taking place in my communities. If our government and politicians we will see a massive hit in reputation to our standing on the global scale, as well as loss of population. After all, making abortion safe and giving to protection to women encourages population growth.

Other, more developed countries, have prostitution as a legalized trade. It helps the economy by making sex more easily accessible and provides jobs as well as protections. This is because it is not underground anymore and is more protected, and the sex is safer due to job protections. Helps fuel the economy, because people are always looking to get laid. Sex is safer, because there are background checks and the organizations are more public, see links down below about prostitutions in other countries. The economy is in such a shape that we should consider outside-the-box solutions.

Top 10 Reasons Why Prostitution Should Be Legalized

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