Growing Wealth-Resentment in Our Country

We have growing wealth-resentment in the U.S., this is indisputable. The ruling, capitalist class, keeps us fighting amongst ourselves. They know that if we ever put aside our differences and banded together, that they would face a threat to their power, as they did during WW2. Many small businesses think themselves in the Capitalist class, because ,they do make money from others. They are, however, closer to the working class. Many consumers are happy to support them, although they are usually quickly bought out by one of our monopolist oligarchs.

Ironically, businesses paying higher wages helps keep the economy going. Businesses say bullshit, like that paying living wages will make them charge customers more or that they will go out of business. This is not true, even for the smaller businesses, there is also not a loss of jobs either. If anything, consumers seem to be happy to support businesses that take care of their employees. Not paying workers more, can also leave companies, even larger ones on the receiving ends of riots, protests, strikes, unionization and possible on the end of a purge if another leader like Trump comes along.

Any or all of these outcomes would lead to a higher loss of revenue than actually paying workers. Unlike paying workers, there is nothing gained from any of these acts happening. So, it is in a companies best interest to simply pay workers a living wage. As we saw already in the past year, with strikes at Kellog’s, John Deere and other major companies such as amazon, strikes and protests have cost companies millions. There are many unions one can join.

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