Pro-birth VS Pro-life VS Pro-Choice

Here is a segment on Pro-Birth VS Pro-life VS Pro-choice and what each is supposed to represent in the views on abortion. First off, is my view. Myself-, I am pro-choice. This does not mean pro-abortion as many seem to think. Pro-choice means that I cannot, as a male, give birth. In OTHER WORDS, it is none of my fucking business, what a woman does with her body, or anyone does with their body. This is not my choice, I can only make choices on my own body. Ironically, if we were a ‘pro-life’ nation, we would have amenities that other, more developed countries have.

Ironically, how you more births in a country is not by making it illegal, but legal. If you put in support programs and make the country as women and mother-friendly as possible, you will have more births (will post links below for evidence). This is because as one famous talk show guy says “facts don’t care about your feelings.” In other countries where women have access to abortions, paid maternal leave, better pay and shorter work weeks, along with health care paid through by taxes “free health care” abortions are down. This is because women feel more secure and have bodily autonomy.

Pro-birth is wanting a child to be born, but ignoring the 438,000 children that are in the Foster Care System, who would LOVE a caring and supportive family. Also, what if the woman dies during childbirth or is a high likelihood that she is going to die? What if she was raped, should she be forced to carry his child? I suppose as so many are fond of saying, that she “must’ve been asking for it.” Regardless of what someone is wearing, no one is “asking for it.”

If pro-life movement backed up what they were saying as well through their actions, we would not have 438,000 kids in Foster Care. We would have much less need and expenditure for a system. One of my friends told me the other day, that it is difficult to adopt, considering what many children have been through. It is also expensive, but if these same groups feel as strongly as they say they do, there are many things they can do to put their money where their mouth is. One action they could take is to lobby the government to make adoptions cheaper, so they can more readily adopt kids. Another is helping support systems through their taxes that help parents and create safety nets for all parents. Single parent families and parents with special needs children need the most support.

Pro-choice is the view that I take, one where I respect whatever choice the woman who is pregnant makes. Where I believe in the bodily autonomy of every person. During the pandemic, I was even in favor of choice about the masks and vaccines. I myself still mask up in indoor places when I’m out in public, and have been vaxxed. People respect my choice and I respect theirs, even if I don’t agree with it. I believe in support programs that help those in need as well. Taking the attitude of “we” instead of “me” would surely help more children be born as well, where if we put structural programs in place to help those in need, people would feel better about having kids.

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