Police Unions; lack of accountability





I myself, have had bad experiences with cops, they have never been very helpful to my family and friends and have hurt some of them, when they were actually helping them. I also have disabilities and cops are known for bullying/killing people with disabilities as well, and never facing any real punishment for it. They are never held accountable for their crimes and then they wonder why people don’t trust them. This is why we don’t call cops in my part of Seattle, unless someone is literally going to die, and we have nothing to lose. I also had cops in my high school.

Added to this, is that people seem to still hope that police will protect them. In communities like mine, police are more interested in working with and getting free mounts from toxic industrials than actually helping the lower-income/minority neighborhoods. Kids in school are also afraid of cops, with cops committing crimes such as body-slamming kids into the ground and also intimidating minority students. In the above John Oliver Segment; there was a kid of 5 years old with a disability who was arrested for throwing a tantrum. While a great majority of the time I am in favor of unions, I do not like the police union.

Due to the recent shooting in Texas, where the ‘only a good guy with a gun, can stop a bad guy with a gun’ argument fell flat on its face. About 20 cops waited an hour while people died before doing anything. The police themselves make the best case for that money going elsewhere instead of to the MASSIVE amounts of funding the police get each year. More cops will not dissuade the next shooter, there are programs that might though. Mental health support, such as counselors and more teachers may help students. Having people to talk to about their issues can help someone deal with what is going on in their life, as my experience with therapy did when I was depressed and suicidal.

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