Worker’s rights and recognizing power of our citizens

As this pandemic drags on, we are starting to realize the power of employees more and more. Worker’s have rights that they must fight for, and how crucial they are to companies. More and more workers are fed up and are unionizing, it is not my ultimate goal for society, but it is a good start. The goal I have is more co-ops where the workers own the business and are as such more invested with how the business is doing. Profits and greed will be what kills our race. The rich, last, as they will have no one left to work for them, and will so perish. Unfortunately, the only way we survive is by working together.

Citizens have every right to not back a company when that company is continuously violating human rights and has no ethics, valuing profit above all else. Companies such as Nestle, Mars, Hershey’s, Amazon and Musk’s company are prime examples of this. We have 2 sides of an equation to consider for the future of our planet. One side is where we value profit and made-up currency and in doing so, unleash cataclysmic consequences on our race as the planet cleanses us off it, or one where we value conserving resources and the continuation of the human species. I choose the latter.

Worker’s need to realize that companies depend on them more than they depend on companies. They generate the revenue through their work so they should get a larger cut of the profit. Costco has paid maternal leave for pregnant women. They also offer other benefits to workers and so are an attractive employer. This is what caring for employees looks like.

I’ve written before on Co-ops, which are a step up from unions, in that the employees own the company. I shop at one such place every time I go to Bellingham. The Co-Op up there has a friendly vibe and workers seem happy, because they can invest in owning the company and so have more say in what goes on at the company. My final goal would be people living more in communes and communal homes like I did when I was a child, the adults in these communities take a shared role in raising kids in the community and everyone works to grow food and take care of the homes, it’s not profit-driven and works to help conserve resources.

Our government needs to realize that it serves at the whim of the people, as do the other programs that are apart of it, not the way that people currently view the situation. If enough people (as shown on January 6th), wanted to storm the capital and hold hostage or kill all of congress, there would be little that could be done. January 6th was a few inept people from succeeding in overthrowing the government and installing a dictator. People need to start taking interest in their own lives. For example; I don’t appreciate how politicians on both sides treat lower-income/minority areas, and so I’ve been getting involved in my community. People seem to think that other people will stand up for them, which is how they are cowed into submission, I want people to think critically and research a broad spectrum of sites when coming to conclusions.

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