Water Conservation and why we value profits over human rights


The Truth About the California Water Crisis








Life on our planet depends on water to survive, there are no organisms I know of that can live without it. Being mindful of the resources we use, will enable humanity to survive longer. The problem with this, is that humanity is not very good at thinking long-term. We want stuff to happen now. Governments turn a blind eye as long as companies are making profits and feeding into the economy. It’s the same way that Nestle, Hershey’s and Mars are all able to use child labor in foreign, lower-income countries, which is why I haven’t supported these countries in years. While we cannot stop them on an individual level, we can use the power of our wallets to limit their power through boycotts.

Added to this is Nestle’s long history of exploiting natives for water and then selling water back to them at high prices along with other crimes. Bottling water also helps contribute both to our pollution problem through plastic and petroleum. Nature will help clean the planet if we give it time to heal. Trees are important for keeping water clean, as they act as natural filters, taking Carbon Dioxide out of the air and making the air cleaner so when it rains, the water is cleaner. Water is a valuable resource, as are crops for humanity, but we need to share it to survive. We need to value our species over profit.

The planet has been patient with us, and has been giving us signs that it is unhappy. I see nature as one organism, and it is getting pissed. If we do not work to share and conserve water, we will start to have wars over it, like we have had over oil. It will lead to the demise of our civilization. It is not very exciting to talk about in politics, but clean water infrastructure for all is extremely most important. This is why I work to make my community cleaner.

There was a time on this planet where we could drink from rivers and in some places, you can still drink from streams. It is because these places have an abundance of healthy, and older trees that work as many filters to help keep the air and water fresh. This is why keeping toxic industrials out of neighborhoods, and instead having more greenery and plants, and less development. Caring for nature will help save our species, as the planet will survive what we are doing to it, we just won’t.

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