Homelessness and how it fixing it would help improve our economy

Homelessness is a major problem in the U.S. and in other countries with less-developed infrastructure. It’s not from lack of funds, though. There also seems to be the stigma that this is the choice of people to be homeless, while at the same time, ignoring the role the rich and super-rich play in the economy. They are the ones making money off the backs of others, but, ironically, give the least back into society. Many homeless actually work at least part-time as well. Solving homelessness and put programs in place that more developed countries have, would also help people cut down on drug use as well, perhaps even alcoholism.

Think about it; your job doesn’t pay you a living wage while you see your CEO raking in millions and millions more in bonuses all the while your company tells you that they can’t give raises or bonuses this year. As seen in our current economy prices are being gouged in industries such as the retail and oil markets. Not because there is a shortage of items, but because they don’t want to pay their CEO’s and Board Members less. They will also say that they can’t pay workers a living wage; this is also bullshit, they don’t want to pay workers more, because less money would be going into the pockets of the ones at the top of the company.

Another cause of homelessness is depression and mental health issues, which are again, stigmatized. Many people also see needing help as ‘weak.’ I used to be this way myself, was afraid of asking for help and was very prideful. Being homeless helps lead to depression, which makes people more likely to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. In Finland they seem to have recognized this correlation. Their housing first program gives homeless dignity, while at the same time, saving money. Probably because they have less people being depressed and addicted to drugs and alcohol, along with a better health care system?

Happier and more stable people are better able to contribute to society as well. As I wrote earlier about the safe injection sites, it would save cities many millions a year, which could then be put into other social programs, such as a more affordable light rail system, which would also provide more jobs, which would then help increase the economy. It makes sense that they would help, as there would be less money spent on ER visits and all that other messy stuff that we have to spend money on as a result of drug use/overdose. Or we could use the money saved by putting more money into roads, which are failing. Or into a failing sewer and water systems, like Flint, Michigan.





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