China and America’s Human Right’s Violations

China and America are 2 of the world’s largest superpowers. Both also have many grave violations of human rights. America has a habit of trying to direct attention to other nations human rights abuses while ignoring our own. It would be nice to fix our own first, before lecturing other countries on their own, (pot calling the kettle black). In one of the above sources, and in many of my writings, I have mentioned ‘sacrifice zones.’ “But what does this have to do with human rights violations?” You may ask. As discussed in the John Oliver Episode; Sacrifice Zones and Environmental Racism, low-income, minority neighborhoods are the targets of placement for toxic industries by the government and corporations.

Pipeline companies also search for the path of ‘least resistance.’ They are willing to go much further and through lower-income/minority neighborhoods in order to avoid pissing off richer, white neighborhoods. It would take many more blog posts than I have time for to list all. Suffice to say that America must fix its many human rights violations before it can start pointing the finger at other countries. Worker’s rights is another major human rights violation in adding to toxic industrial placement. Tyson foods is a major purveyor of this violation, though they are not alone as Amazon also is guilty of this, as a many other companies. John Oliver did an episode on this a while back as well. At Tyson Foods, workers are often made to go to the bathroom under the table and are threatened with termination if they seek medical attention for on the job injuries.

Amazon also treats its employees horribly. They have to pee in bottles and poop in paper bags in order to keep schedules and many of them have mental and physical health problems. I’ve also heard stories of them not allowing workers to leave during natural disasters or stop routes during hurricanes. America has a long history of treating workers badly and companies busting unions when workers fight for fair pay. We have unions to thank for the weekend.

America also constantly ignores the well-being of lower-income neighborhoods, and minorities, as well as women. The latest discussion of overturning Roe V Wade would make it harder for women to get abortions. This is going to cause a lot of violence in our country, as well as crimes towards women to go up. The ironic thing is when women are given better support in a country for having kids and are given better access to abortion in more developed countries than ours, is that they are more likely to have kids. If people feel more comfortable in having kids, they seem to have more.

In China, the government blocks social media and regulates the internet. They are also the leading executioner in the world. Government also limits unions, and women face major barriers in the country as well , and the government does not seem to acknowledge the right to female activism. There are also only 5 religions that people are allowed to practice in approved religious sites. 500,000 inmates are being held without access to aid or trial. Are also major crackdowns on protests.

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