Rich VS Poor, not Right VS Left.

Apologies for the delay, have been busy with other projects. Have a community that I’m trying to protect, and so I spend lots of time writing about it, which is a good way to get info out there, particularly for those living in ‘sacrifice zones’ like me. The richer parts of cities that have sacrifice zones in them, like to ignore the poorer parts of the city, or they like to ‘virtue signal’. I despise virtue signaling. This is because it makes it look like you’re doing activities/events to help but you’re not, and you’re making people think you’re doing good when they’re watching. Which brings me to today’s topic.

Politics can be a tricky business. Which is why I tend to stay 3rd party. When I run for local office, I want to run from a place of understanding, where I have actually lived in the crappier parts of the city, and can relate with my voters, instead of living on Vashon/Mercer Island, Laurelhurst or a swankier part of Seattle. At that point, it’s lip service, I would have no idea of what people who were voting for, were going through, as I had not lived in that community with them. Like it or not, the way that humanity survives is together. This means that the rich will have to part with some funds in order to make the race stronger as a whole. It doesn’t need to be violent, and I hope it’s not in my country or in any.

Too often, these days, the government has us focusing on Right VS Left, instead of Rich vs Poor. One of my friends made the statement that they keep it this way, is that if violence breaks out, it’s a civil war, and not a revolution. A revolution breaks the status quo. In a revolution, the rich are way more outnumbered as they were in France and in other periods of time where the poorer income individuals had it, and banded together. They put aside their differences in the name of a better future.

The lower-income brackets tend to squabble and fight amongst ourselves. The rich want to keep it this way. It would be healthier for everyone involved if they put money into public infrastructure and programs, seeing as how they benefit the most from public structures such as roads. I can’t recall the amount of vehicles that I’ve seen from large multi-national corporations such as Amazon. Paying workers a living wage would also help violence die down.

I am looking to run for politics in the coming years in my District in King County. I am running as a working-class politician from a mixed-wealth background. I want to help our country avoid conflict and helping our country become more equitable. I am striving to create better opportunities for people to be able to get better work, through my public service, fighting to hold toxic industrials accountable. I have empathy towards others and want to help our country avoid war.

“Housing First and Universal Basic income would be a few of my chosen platforms. The first program would help, in my mind, alleviate the drug issues plaguing our country as well, a lot of why people take drugs is that they are desperate and looking for escape. Politicians also say they are worried about the economy, UBI helps with that as well. People get a living income that they can use to help feed into the economy, instead of the back-up we are experiencing. Housing first and UBI also gives people stability in their lives, which is important if our government wants people to keep working and feeling comfortable enough in our economy to keep investing,. poor/

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