Putting others before yourself; public service and politics

Throughout my life, I have been involved in many years of public service. I was in AmeriCorps for 2 years, and have spent the last few years involved in a grass-roots community group in my neighborhood, working to help educate the neighborhood. I show that I care for others, not just through my writings for the neighborhood, but by the fact that I never virtue-signal and in war terms ‘love getting down with the troops.’ Meaning I’m not going to ask of someone something I’m not willing to do myself, whether it be helping with a protest, researching, or getting info out to the neighborhood. I’m not afraid of toxic industrial companies, big businesses, or community groups that try and stop my from caring for my community.

Nor am I afraid of the county, city or port. Living in a toxic industrial zone, my life will be shorter anyway, and I plan on using my life to help improve the opportunities of others to improve their lives and make at least my city a more equitable place. I hate seeing the homeless and desperate on the streets in my community and downtown. We have the funds in each city to help improve the lives of lower-income residents and the homeless, but we refuse to. Despite the fact that helping them would save the community and city money.

They are uncomfortable political issues, that no one wants to address, like climate change. Yet must be addressed if we are to improve our civilization as a whole. It is better to have a well-rounded society with a better wealth system than one where we have so much hoarding. I think that if we had more structural programs available for people to make better opportunities with their lives that there would be less resentment. This is one of the reasons that I am more of a fan of the other systems than I am of capitalism. Capitalism, helps breed innovation, but it also helps breed greed, selfishness and hoarding and less cooperation. None of the other countries systems are perfect, but there are many ways that we could improve ours in the U.S.

More developed countries help their citizens more, perhaps it’s because they have had revolutions in their countries and not just civil wars, so they are more wary of looking after their populace. They put more taxes towards public services such as affordable rail systems for riders along with ‘Housing-First’ programs. I’m more of a fan of socialism or a mix of the other ‘isms’ that focus more on community and coming together to survive instead of this deeply individualistic system. Humans survive better in groups and working together to improve the community. I, myself, am from an interesting background.

My Father’s side of the family comes from a bit of a wealthier background (investors) and my Mom’s side is lower-income working class, so I’ve seen both sides of the wealth gap. I want to use this unique background to help bridge the wealth gap and make our country more prosperous as a whole. I deeply care about public service to help communities. Like building houses, improving roads, and providing better education materials to teachers and public parks and greenery to lower-income areas. I spent time AmeriCorps building houses in Missouri, and helped build trails and did disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy. I have asthma from working for a toxic industrial company and want to improve conditions in lower-income neighborhoods like mine.

One of my favorite games for my MAC was; Rome: Total War. It was a strategy , historical game. To keep the happiness levels up in your settlements, you had to build buildings like schools, forums, public health sanitation, and taverns. Roads also helped your civilization progress. As a funny side note, there was a time where paying taxes was a competition amongst the rich in Ancient Greece, where it was seen as shameful to not pay to help fund public systems that everyone used. The rich would sometimes fight over the right to pay taxes. Public systems helped make the Greeks happy, and so there was less infighting.

To wrap this around, I deeply care for humanity, despite, honestly, it being better for me not to. I just can’t seem to help myself. I want to make our system more equal and for humanity to be able to survive what is to come, and the best way to do that is together, with publicly-funded systems, where we don’t leave the less well-off to die, as we will need everyone. We will need to come together as a species if we want to progress.





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