Conservatives and Queer Rights; Why are they focusing on limiting other’s rights instead of focusing on improving our country?

Most of my posts, I try to be as non-partisan as possible, seeing as how I am attempting to reach a greater amount of people. And believe me, I will also take my time to rag on Democrats for issues as well, and have before, on issues such as their breaking from union-backing and instead moving to large corporation backing under Clinton. With that being said, the BS in the passing laws limiting LGBTQ rights in Florida taking place is appalling. There are so many more important issues that they could be focusing which could actually help their base. Examples? Crumbling infrastructure; such as roads, public transport for lower-income areas, wealth inequality, climate change and global warming issues.

I, myself, am bisexual. Also, I have many friends who are in the LGBTQ community. If the Conservatives in Congress and legislators were so concerned with protecting kids, perhaps they should provide better structured programs for parents, if they also want more kids being born. Helping improve the economy would also be a way for people to want to have more kids, if they are comfortable in the environment they live in. Families that are more confident in their living situation, the more likely they are to want to have kids.

Politicians on the right could also do better background checks on school staff, coaches and other mentors in kids lives. It’s a lot more common for something to happen to a kid from a figure that they know in their lives from a program, or family member. Strangely, the predators are normally straight, and someone the child knows. People in the LGBTQ community just want to be left alone and to let them live their own lives. According to many studies, including the top link, heterosexuals are much more likely to be sexual predators then gay or bisexual people. But sure, blame the LGBTQ community.

It also doesn’t help that congressmen like Matt Gaetz are currently being investigated for having sex with under-aged women and is a sexual predator. He’s not gay, last time I checked. Perhaps they should clean house. Coming together as a country, means accepting others, and tolerating them, even if you don’t agree with them. As long as they aren’t killing people or trying to overthrow the government for corrupt politicians, I’m all for differences in opinion. I have many friends of different backgrounds and beliefs, and am a fan of their body, their choice, which is another issue, that conservatives could get voters on. If they tried to protect women’s rights, it would earn them a lot more voters at the poll, instead of trying to limit the rights of others. Food for thought.

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