My Body, My Choice

During the pandemic, a lot of people were all about “my body, my choice.” Yet when it comes to a woman’s rights, let’s try and ban abortion. DO you know how that’s like in other countries?! Women carry machetes for protection from men, where there are no protections for women. There are bands of women that go around carving up men like turkeys who are suspected of rape. Is this what we want to become a norm in America? There’s also the option of penis cages for men to cut down on rape. Or, and get this; we could mind our own fucking business and keep protections in place for women, so that this doesn’t spiral out of control, if not for humanitarian reasons, then to keep our country strong.

My personal view is that I’m pro-choice; I’m not the one giving birth. I’m not the one who has to carry around a small person in me for months on end. Women should have the choice whether or not have to have children, just like people have the choice whether or not to wear a mask during a pandemic. We are going to see mass violence and resistance if Roe V Wade is overturned. This could also be used to limit further the rights of LGBTQ communities and other minorities. The GOP is going to lose many voters during this time.

One idea that I’ve heard is that we can institute penis cages for men, or have men get vasectomies when they reach puberty, and then can get them reversed once they’ve shown that they are responsible enough to raise a child. Although, I suppose this could be seen as telling men that they can’t decide what to do with their own bodies. OH NO! I’m perfectly amicable to the vasectomy idea myself, it helps prevent unwanted pregnancies. I mean, men should like that idea better than women getting violent and rioting, no?

Another idea that comes to mind is minding our own business; if we aren’t the ones having the kids maybe we shouldn’t decide for the one who is? Also, if we want people to feel confident in having kids, perhaps we should put in more social support programs for helping families to have kids? Perhaps we should look at other countries who have less abortions and ask them what programs they have in place to support children? Perhaps it’s because the countries we should be learning from have better access to abortion, and also have more support programs in place, so that they care about the child after it is born instead of just the fetus?

More developed countries than ours also have better health care, and is free. The citizens have to pay their taxes towards it, but they are also spending less on military, so they can afford it. This means better care for mothers in hospitals, and paid paternal leave, so they can take time to be at home with their child. Countries also have better living wages in more developed countries, which makes their populace happier, which makes chance of revolt lower, as many of these countries have had their own revolution(s), and don’t want them to happen again. Populaces are happy and people feel good about getting support after they have kids, so they are having them.

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