Need for clean water and other needs so we don’t eat the rich

People are starting to become more desperate with the shortages of clean water and other necessities that we are experiencing in parts of our country. This is due to our lack of infrastructure. We do not have programs in place that adequately put a check on the hoarding by the rich and powerful. Wages have also been kept artificially low and have not been keeping up with inflation. The profits at the top of companies have skyrocketed while workers raises have been stagnant, which is why we are having all of the strikes and marches now by workers in a bunch of ‘red’ and ‘blue’ states.

People across the political spectrum are all coming to realize the power they hold as workers. This feeds further to my belief that it is a rich vs middle-class and poor, rather than a party battle. The rich want to keep us focused on the 2 parties instead of changing the system. There are structures that those with power and wealth could put their money towards to change their reputation. Take for example, a few of our ultra-wealthy.

Bezos, Musk and other oligarchs have bad reputations for being greedy and hoarding. The ability, though, to change their reputations is within their power. Sure, their will always be people who don’t like you, but there are structures you can put in place to help society for the better. The ultra-wealthy and those with money and power enough to change the country for the better could put in programs like clean, affordable rail systems that would also help cut down on fossil fuels and make our country cleaner. And putting money into helping solve hunger in the U.S. in an effort to cause a chain reaction and shame the rich in other countries into doing the same.

Why should they do this, and what’s the gain? There are many reasons. People who are fondly remembered tend to be remembered longer, as people do not try and forget them so quickly; a form of immortality if you will. The structures you put in place and the deeds you do to help those less fortunate can immortalize your deeds. There is also the aspect of helping humanity move forward as a whole, instead of just on an individual level, helping provide opportunities for humanity to advance and live better, more affordable lives.

As a country, the rich and ultra-rich have the most lobbying power in politics. People in politics should be afraid after the January 6th “Storming of the Capitol.” How events like this are possible, is because we do not seek to destroy the root of the diseases in our country, only the symptoms. Lobbying and providing, good, healthy drinking water and helping plant safe communal gardens away from toxic soil would help greatly. Take for example, the Duwamish River which is a Superfund Site or the Flint Michigan Water Crisis.

Both waterways suffer from decades of being used for toxic industries, and the toxins are affecting local populaces and making water for drinking more rare, as it is no longer drinkable. The rich profit from these responsible industries, so they should be the ones to help clean up. Not only that, but the toxins have been spreading for a while into other waterways, which is why I’ve been encouraging people to not swim at Alki, as we don’t know how polluted it is. Ironically, it will become the problem of the rich, if it isn’t already.

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