Minorities and Our Government

We are facing a deep divide in our country right now. Many people don’t want to get the vaccine. Some do not, because I think that they’ve been brainwashed into not, but I think many of them also have a deep-seeded distrust against the US Government and with good cause. Blacks and people with disabilities have been discriminated against and had experiments performed on them without their consent. Hispanics and Latinos have been made to work the fields for historically low wages and asians have been made to do the railroads and been put into internment camps.

Point being, is that there are so many reasons not to trust the government because of past actions unless you are a middle or upper class person in the U.S. During the early part of the history of our country (during slavery and the small period after), lower-class whites were used to do the bidding of the white upper-class and slave owners. They were told that the only people you’re better than are blacks and if they get rights then you won’t be better than anyone, as a way to keep them from being educated and rising up against the white rich and slave owners.



Let’s not forget the Native Americans we stole the country from. As well as killing the native populace with diseases and warfare, we seem shocked that they are distrustful of vaccines by the government, that has historically broken every treaty that it has signed with them. Though I took no part in the destruction of the lands I now live on, I feel responsible to help repair the damage that my people have done to the land and to other cultures. I myself cannot repair the damage alone, but I can work to help heal the land and help other cultures recover. If we do not make amends for past crimes, the divide will only grow, and it’s time to stop trying to kick the can further down the road.


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