Drug causes and how we fix our problem

There are many reasons that people use to do drugs. Some are desperation. Others because they want to try it just once or want to be rebellious. Some still don’t know better, because we don’t give factual information about drugs. Perhaps we should bring in doctors to talk about this is school instead of cops, who violently attack drug users often. We should instead, be focusing on the root causes instead of the symptoms, which helps relate to other earlier posts. Maybe helping by making less ghettos and poorer places/sacrifice zones where drugs can more freely permeate through the rest of society.

Ironically, safe injection sites would save the country money. It may also help people stop taking drugs as well, and may act as a support center that can help them ween themselves off drugs. Better sex and drug education in school would help, instead of this fear-based approach that we currently have. Like teaching kids how to have safe sex in lessons, to help cut down on unwanted pregnancies, because young people are horny, and are going to have sex. We want people to drive responsibly and give medical care responsibly, so why not with drugs and sex?

As in an earlier post today, having more financial structures, such as ‘baby bonds,’ ‘housing-first’ and ‘universal basic income’ would help provide more structures for those looking for opportunity in society, which leads to less depression and leaning on drugs. We would have a healthier society overall. There are many other programs such as paid parental leave, where other countries get as many as 4 weeks, while we have none in the U.S. may also help society, as will unions in trades. The more opportunities, the less desperation. The less desperation, the less ‘Eating the Rich’ becomes a movement.




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