In America, we seem to be great fans of hypocrisy. People yell; “my body, my choice,” when it comes to masks and vaccines. But try to get abortion bans passed, where it needs to be the same thing for women, and is extremely hypocritical. You are not the one who is pregnant, you do not get to make that choice. Passing abortion bans does not help our country, it only helps make it more divided and violent. Bans do not stop abortions, it only makes them more dangerous. If you want someone to keep a child, why not put your money where your mouth is? Offer to help financially support the mother/couple financially, or adopt the child.

Another aspect of hypocrisy is the attitude cops have towards us not trusting them, and then they shoot someone with disabilities, or someone poor, or yet another minority. They then ask us to trust them and to call them when needed. Sorry, but I’m not calling the police unless it’s literally life or death for me and I have nothing to lose. Police need to reform and work hard at gaining our trust. There is no way that we can trust them at the moment.

Lastly, is the hypocrisy of our own government. I counted myself as a Democrat for my first 20 years of my life, now I consider myself an independent. Both sides take massive amounts from corporations and lobbyists. This is why I’m trying to run against McDermott in the next year he is up for re-election. He and the police in Seattle get parts from RAM Mounts/National Products Inc, which is a local toxic industrial. He is supposed to represent us, but represents them.

The government is also as hypocritical as fuck when it comes to war. No other country has ever fired a nuke except for us. The first one we dropped on Japan was on top of a hospital. Harry Truman was also violently against Japanese people, as he thought them savages. The axis was also broken up by that point in the war, and Japan was mulling over a surrender, but we just really wanted to drop those bombs. I could also spend multiple posts going over regimes in other countries that we’ve installed and the violence that our country does as part of our giant corporations such as Nestle, and others use in order to enforce their power.






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