Distrust of Our Government By Minorities

Minorities have a long history of distrust of our government, I wonder why. Maybe it’s the government’s history of causing regime changes in other countries to get the outcome they want for the mega-corporations that run our country, many of which exploit child labor and native populace. We are reaching a boiling point in our country, because of the great divides and resentment growing towards our leaders on both sides and the mega-corps that back them. A great distrust has also been common during the pandemic and vaccines, as the government has a history of using them for experiment. The government also has a habit of sticking toxic industrials and everything the rich/well-off don’t want in their neighborhood.

Those we don’t experiment on, we tend to stick in internment camps, or detain at the border or pay them less than minimum wage when they do get a job. Government Agencies such as the EPA, don’t help marginalized communities when they are supposed to, as they don’t have the money to make them clean up, as my community is finding out at the moment. They are reneging on their compromise ion the community to clean up the 5 acres of the river, but since it would be too costly, nope (they don’t want to). This is going to cause a massive uproar in the community, and I don’t know what will happen. Communities like mine are sick and tired of being used as a dumping ground for the City, County, Port and other organizations on the Federal Level.

It’s big talk about “solving Global Warming and Climate Change” until it’s something that causes the parties to put their money where there mouth is. The country is finding this out the hard way as well with infrastructure such as roads and other programs. The government doesn’t want to put the spending where we need to if our country is going to survive. Just blissfully ignoring and preying on more vulnerable communities like mine.






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