Distrust of Police

There is a great distrust of police and there are many reasons why. I’ve been stopped walking my way back home with my duffel bag full of clothes and I’ve had friends tased for helping police officers. Many with disabilities have great mistrust of police, as do people of color, because of past history with police and the government. People of color had towns burned down when they tried to live away from people who persecuted them, and people with disabilities are often easier to target during interrogations and are targets for police violence.

I don’t know if it’s ever possible for middle and lower-income to ever fully trust the police, but there are many reforms that need to happen before we get to a point where we don’t have such a massive distrust of police. At the end of this post, are a few examples amongst uncountable ones that I could provide on why people with disabilities and marginalized communities like mine don’t trust or call the police. Police have a habit of aiding white violence throughout our country’s history. They are a tool for the rich and powerful. Until the police are reformed and truly work to serve all people, there will be no healing, either from the past, present or for future events.

Just look at how the police handled the BLM Protests compared to events like the murders that Rittenhouse committed, claiming ‘castle’ defense, but that wasn’t his house. He drove there looking for people to shoot. People like him and Brock Turner (who raped someone on recording), and got off with 3 months. We have a story of a black kid accused of stealing a backpack (he didn’t and got time in prison for it). Kid later committed suicide after getting out. This is why people do not trust the system or the police.




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