Survival is Not Political

Survival is not political. Mega-Corporations don’t care if their workers vote for one party or the other. All they care about is the bottom line. Some people may say that aspects of work such as ‘workers rights’ and unions are political. Explain to me then, why there are so many teachers in school striking for living wages, John Deere workers and Amazon workers all striking in the deeper south that have been historically conservative? Wanting a living wage isn’t political.

Politicians attempt to pit citizens against each other, instead of pushing forward legislation that would help provide infrastructure for our country. There does need to be respectful division of attitudes and beliefs, but more a ‘live and let live’ philosophy needs to be taken. We really need to be focused on the more important aspects of our survival as a species. Instead, we are letting our politicians and media group spin us into a frenzy on small things about the unfairness of trans athletes, or a slap at the Oscars. Focusing on these small events instead of fixing our dying habitat that the rich constantly exploit, and fighting for living wages. Whether or not an athlete has an unfair advantage has no bearing on your life.

For a person living in a toxic industrial zone in what is supposed to be one of the more ‘progressive’ cities and states in America, my more immediate concerns are not political, it’s on helping the neighborhood I’m in survive. I live in a ‘sacrifice zone’ where we develop health problems and die earlier than other areas, due to the heightened levels of pollution and particulates. This is no way for our youth to live, and the city, county and port are constantly ignoring our community, made easier for them that none of them actually live down here. Our local King County Councilman lives in a richer part of town but still ‘represents us.’ He is also a democrat, and I’ve voted democrat my whole life, I will now be switching to independent, and try to grow a party that has actually experienced what our community and communities like us go through.

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