No Taxation Without Adequate Representation

Must public programs that benefit the world are paid for by the middle and low-income individuals. This is because of all of the loopholes that the rich can exploit. The other classes grow resented, and so we have class warfares and revolutions which result in people in charge becoming beheaded until a government learns to fear the people and works to make the country a better place, and not just for the rich. We’ve seen this before in many places, like in France and Germany. We even had a World War start out of it. I, myself, abhor violence and see it only as a last resort. Some Mega-rich people say that they will pay taxes if the system changes, yet use their lobbying power to keep the government the same.

In my country, the rich don’t pay taxes, because only income is taxed and not capital gains/wealth/assets. The IRS has been neutered and goes after the poor at a much higher rate than other income brackets, because they have the least power. The rich have the money to get away with not paying taxes. This is one of the reasons I’ve been pushing for communes and co-ops is that it gives workers and the lower-classes more power and helps give opportunities while helping level the playing field.

While I am not the biggest fan of government, I am a fan of giving more funding to the IRS to help go after rich people. We could then use the money to help improve our country’s decaying systems, such as education and health care reform. Change is a painful time, but we must change our system if humanity is to survive. Survival is not political. We must make it beneficial for everyone to partake, or we are better off living in smaller groups like communes.

The Mega-rich and their corporations benefit the most from programs like roads, so shouldn’t they be paying the most for programs that benefit them the most? I can’t count how many Amazon Prime Vehicles i’ve seen on the road and how little Bezos help pay for road programs. The more resentful the other classes besides the rich get, the more likely we are to have a world-wide class war. Because of the inequity of our systems.

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