Poverty Line

How screwed up is how we treat our poor and middle class? You don’t get benefits if you make over a certain amount, which his why many poor people don’t work as much as they need to. This then causes the middle class to resent the poor and keeps them from all focusing on the upper-class and owners of the means of production. Because the ones at the top know that if we banded together and started focusing on them, that they’d be screwed. If the upper class was smart, they’d put in more programs to help the needy, as once people get pissed enough, they start to question who’s responsible for this fucked up system. Is it the middle-class? Is it the lower-income? No! It is the rich and ultra-wealthy! The Oligarchs and CEO’s that control the system.

The aspect about professional sports that bother me, is that players don’t use their wealth more to better provide structure for those in the middle-class and bottom. Perhaps they are afraid of upsetting the rich owners, coaches and corporations that pay their salary. Until more of them take a stand, America will continue to suck, as they are role models for many kids. How about instead of making yourself richer and getting more expensive toys, you help make the country a better place for people to live? Our people are starving in the streets, as the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

I think that one way improve the system in the U.S. is to frankly, stop participating in it. Start more farming communes, and move away from cities. Start more villages, decrease the power of the rich. You won’t be wealthy, but it’s more about living free and under an oppressive system’s thumb. It’s non-violent and lessens their hold.

Currently, part of one of the options for the Maritime EIS is to put in low-come housing, where you can’t make over a certain amount, but also can’t make under a certain amount in order to live in it. it’s one of the many ways that the system works to keep us trapped. One of the messed up events about being poor is the ‘Means Test.’ This test decides if you are available for assistance, which the threshold is very hard to access, you have to make over a certain amount but also less than a certain amount.

Poverty is a problem in the U.S. due to employers refusing to fairly compensate their workers. That’s why many left the force during the pandemic. A lot of jobs don’t offer health care, are not part of a union or co-op, and don’t offer good benefits in case something happens. It is also expensive for workers to work, as I’ve said in earlier posts. Workers have to pay for gas, for heat and air-conditioning for their home, food, utilities and rent. Not to mention expected to have a savings for emergencies or accidents. Even when states have been trying to cut unemployment, it hasn’t driven workers back to work.

Workers have concerns about being able to support their families. This is why many are opting out. If the rich and upper-class who run the companies and world don’t want to pay living wages, then why should we participate. Maybe it’s time to go back to living in communes until the rich decide to pay their fair share in taxes. If all the people in a society don’t benefit except the upper-class, then why have a society?





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