A Break From the norm; guide to improved love-making

Growing up, there was always this stigma about weed and weed products; ‘evil’ and ‘bad for you.’ Meanwhile, cigarette and alcohol corporations rake in the profits. This is because they have huge lobbyists in the government. Weed and hemp products are amazing. Hemp rope is more durable than nylon and is also better for the environment. It is also as durable as steel. I have a pair of hemp and algae shoes that I bought off of 8000 Kicks.

Weed products are amazing for healing and for sex. I use Dragon Balm for my back, and weed bombs for my baths. I use tincture lube for sex as well, it makes sex so much better. Edible baked good are very good as well. Viagra is the thing that most pharmacies/doctors try to prescribe as it helps the drug companies. Weed-based products help provide relaxation and more pleasure during sex if you don’t have a reaction to them, so take very small doses to start.

Weed is more natural and hemp plants can really help the environment as well. It can be used to help take toxins out of the air, and it is good for shoes. Hemp is also good for milk, and for granola. Hemp is good for you and to wear, you can also make backpacks out of it as well. Hemp also has a lot of omegas and vitamins. Hemp is also a very sustainable crop as well.



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