Family and Self-worth

Many times in life, family you make is closer than those you are blood-related to. Being blood-related does not give them a pass on acting like assholes and is better for everyone if they are held responsible for their actions. Setting boundaries for what you will and won’t tolerate is important, sometimes you need to take a break from family if they won’t respect boundaries. Other times, you may have to cut some people out if they refuse to take responsibility for their part in things. Not setting boundaries is something that you can come to regret.

Whether it’s in the workplace or at home with family and friends, there needs to be boundaries that you set. At the workplace, don’t work your ass off without compensation that makes it worth it. Employers may also try and guilt-trip you into doing what they want, as may family. You are your own person, will self-worth. Don’t let anyone tell you to drop your boundaries or guilt-trip you into changing your mind. If you decide to give them another chance, that’s on you.

At your job, make sure they make it worth your time, especially now, with the balanced power that employees are now realizing. Some relationships, like a lot of jobs, can be toxic. It can be a romantic, familial or platonic friendship. If one does not prove themselves to be dependable, then limit your interactions with them. Sometimes it takes a while to realize that you are in a toxic situation, which is why having confidence and self-worth can be difficult. For people with disabilities of any sort, this can be particularly challenging.

Starting a business or a starting a career can help heighten one’s sense of motivation and confidence. Becoming happier in your own accomplishments gives more courage and self-confidence/esteem when working with others. You can take motivation from past wrongs and difficulties in your life and use them to make yourself stronger and lead a better life. You can try to make others understand how to improve themselves, but some people will never understand. Sometimes it takes a long time to realize it.

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