The purpose of me getting this blog out is to not only raise awareness and share information with critically-sourced info which you are welcome to agree with. I am also looking to raise money for historical groups to be able to better fight developers and protect historical housing and landmarks. And to also help improve my neighborhood which is located in a ‘sacrifice zone’ with structures to better improve our lives (communal farms, other community-based programs). I am doing this because I care about my area, but also because I want the government to put it’s money where it’s mouth is and start cleaning up after itself. If you are interested in donating, I will provide my contact info at the end of this post.

I want humanity to survive, even though I greatly dislike how humanity is treating it’s planet, as well as each other. I would like us to instead, stop having such a huge profit-based system and instead work on fixing our habitat and learn to live with one another. As a kid, I fell into the same trap; wanting to be a sports player or someone rich and famous. Because they taught us in school that being rich is good, and that we need to do whatever in order to do so. Because if we take away the power of the rich and cruel then it may collapse. Which is why targeting the structures of wealth, power and greed are the best forms of action. Like the March on Wall Street or refusing to buy into companies that put money into the pockets of the mega-rich.

Starting more co-ops with workers and making all employees have a share in what goes on in the company/commune. A system of self-representation is better. In poor neighborhoods such as mine, we are still taxed a good part of our income, but our concerns and issues our not addressed. The mass hypocrisy of “no taxation without representation.” We are not being represented, and we are being taxed. Richer neighborhoods don’t have that problem as the richer neighborhoods have real power.

I write to make noise in my community, and to inspire others to do the same. Communities are sick and tired of feeling powerless and living in dirty industrial neighborhoods, and it is time to break the wheel. If we are to survive the calamities of the current world (possibilities of nuclear war, global warming and climate change), we must all come together and work to fix this mess.


Donations if interested; Cashapp-$Cedar1995, or email me at for other ways if you don’t have Cashapp.

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