Expenses and Jobs

During the pandemic, people are starting realize that they have been underpaid and over-worked. CEO and the salary of the higher-ups have skyrocketed while wages of employees have stagnated. Employers and massive corporations are complaining that workers don’t want to work. This is incorrect. Workers just don’t want to work for starvation wages, and no benefits.

More unions and worker strikes have been happening. For example; amazon buildings in Alabama and in NY, where the first union started recently. Workers are sick of it, and they are figuring out that these employers rely on them more than they thought possible. This is part of why companies pit employees against each other, because if they come together and unionize, the higher-ups lose power. It is expensive to work; you have care insurance, gas, health insurance, life insurance, eating out, and time away from home, not to mention the stress and mental health issues. The costs for these necessities is also rising as well.

For families with kids, daycare is also getting more expensive. Workers are wanting a bigger piece of pie, and are wanting more benefits and ironically, the pandemic is giving them more power. Much like with the peasantry during the Black Plague in the Middle Ages. There simply wasn’t enough peasants to do work any more and so they were treated better. The rich also had to do more of the work, we are seeing now what corporations are willing to pay for the higher-ups to not have to do work. They are having to pay higher wages and give good benefits to workers in order to keep them at the company, including letting workers work from home.

Workers are waking up to the fact that companies depend on them for the CEO’s to keep raking in money. If they are not given a bigger piece of the pie while CEO’s rake in record profits, they will leave in droves for better opportunity.



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