Corporate Totalitarianism

‘Corporate Totalitarianism’ is defined as, in layman’s terms, totally controlled by corporate interests. America is one such place, as it is very nearly controlled by corporate interests. Corporations refuse to let workers unionize and try to frame unions as evil and not worth employees time. Another tactic corporations try and use, is trying to outlaw/ban discussions around wages and salary, this is because it cuts into the bottom line if employees discover that they have self-worth.

Corporate Totalitarianism is possible under any form of money, but in particular under our version of unfettered capitalism in the US. Capitalism is profit over everything else, which is why the current system in our country will not change unless we take action. Our country also does business with any foreign country or foreign despot, if the price is enough. The first link is a link to a local industrial company (RAM/National Products Inc), who does business with Russia and Belarus, as well as many other less-than-savory countries. Nestle also supports Russia, but no surprise there, as they are a fan of child labor. Corporations and most politicians also seem to take the view of profits over people as well, as long as it helps keep their job.

In my local area we live in a ‘sacrifice zone.’ In recent meetings this week, the county, port, and city, along with the industrial corporations are working to snuff out my community. They say the biggest blame of fumes is personal vehicles in my area. We share some of the blame, but also lets toxic industrials and their constant carousel of Semi-Trucks off the hook. They also plan on expanding the industrial zones in my neighborhood. The only way this will change what is happening in our country, is that we work to make these organizations accountable, by spreading awareness and going on marches, organizing boycotts, and by writing. Down below is a summary of the ‘options’ that the city is giving us as far as industrials in our neighborhood.

This goes back to the topic of ‘Sacrifice Zones’ in America: Maritime info:…/industrial-and-maritime-strategy

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As someone who was there for both meetings, I can sum up what their response was to our concerns about more industrial moving into south park. The people from the city know we are a sacrifice zone, and didn’t even deny that fact. Their 4 options for us include packing as many small, crammed homes in for workers, around the toxic industrial sites, so that not only do workers have to breathe in toxic fumes at work, but also be next to them after. Also are considering mixed-zone usage, where we would have residential homes right next to the industrial companies. They plan to ‘mitigate the damage’ done by the toxic facilities to the river, (attempting to address the symptoms but not the disease). But don’t plan on taking any action against toxic industrials, instead blaming most of the fumes in the neighborhood on person use, and not the fumes put out by the industrial companies and the trucks that service them. Another bullshit option we were presented with as communities in South Park and Georgetown was to have mixed-use buildings, where we would have industrial fume buildings on the bottom, and worker housing on top, or artist housing (so one can take inspiration from the fumes) or caretaker housing, so that you can help old people while also being exposed to fumes.

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