Understanding The Darker Places of Society

I, myself, come from a mixed-background as far as wealth goes. After Trump was elected, I went about trying to understand not only how he got elected, but the why, why people were so desperate for change that they would elect Trump. I sought to understand. I was taught in school about the Holocaust and that Hitler came into power, but never the why, why dictators are able to come into power. From what I have seen from the desperation in my own ‘sacrifice zone’ neighborhood, I have come to a greater understanding.

It is important to note that while I do not agree with why some people voted for him in poorer areas, I can see why they would vote for him. He did represent a change from the norm of politics and people in places like mine and in poorer places in the south are frustrated with the corruption in their governments, whether it be Republican or Democratic. They are tired of big industry and toxic corporations that the government (regardless of affiliation) seems powerless to try and stop and in many cases seems to swear fealty to. People like Trump are possible, but are mainly the symptom, and not the root cause. Politicians need to go into poorer parts of their cities/states/districts they represent and see the desperation for their own eyes, to see why people vote for the things they do.

For those of you who are Star Wars nerds, I have attached a clip from Knights of the Old Republic 2: Sith Lords. Some may ask why I’ve attached it, and I see many similarities between this scene and our current political and economic system. Our political system and economic system is so set in it’s ways, that it has become stagnant and has refused to change. Our politicians and CEO’s refuse to go into poorer parts of our country and world and live and see the world through the eyes of those less fortunate to gain understanding of what makes people desperate.

Ignoring the needs of the desperate and those struggling to get by, is how the revolutions in Europe with France and Germany after WW1 started. People are tired of not having their wants and needs addressed and are desperate for someone to help them make their lives livable. It is very expensive to be poor, you are one paycheck away from total disaster. I lived with my mother growing up, who was a seamstress, we had a beat-up old car, and we were always living on the edge. Politicians visit poor areas sometimes for show, but do they live in these areas? Do they live among the poor and displaced? Have they seen the horrors? Lived among them and worked to solve the problems?

I have lived in the poorer communities by choice, because I want to understand the root causes of the problems, this is why I have my mutual aid table and work to help others to survive. I spend my own money to help the community. I care, because this is the way we are able to have future generations. I care, without any political or power agenda, because this is the only was humanity will survive. Greed is the way our humanity will die, both from a literal and metaphorical way.



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