Lack of long-term thinking and Corporate Greed, how it’s destroying our habitat

Lack of long-term thinking is what will destroy us and make our habitat unlivable. Long-term thinking is about thinking about what is down the line, not just in front of us at the moment. Living in a ‘sacrifice zone’ and corporations using my neighborhood to feed profits at the expense of workers and the community, is what will kill the rich eventually, as well. There will be no one left in these areas, and they will have to do their own work. Ironically, their relentless drive for profits will be the death of them as well, see suicide the long way around.

As well as destroying the livable air of the locals who live and work in the area, if also works to destroy our habitat, and not just in the immediate area. The toxic industrials in my area are polluting the Duwamish River with many ‘forever chemicals’ that are used in plastics manufacturing and other forms of industry. These chemicals spread downriver and affect more and more people, as well as affecting reproductive ability and cause cancers and other illnesses. This is bad for business, as less people means less workers. I will probably die in my 60’s from living in my current area.

Many children will suffer more and more illnesses as industrials are left unchecked, despite the governments talks of ‘fixing’ global warming and climate change. They’ll do it as long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line. Don’t want to ‘displace’ the toxic industries. Many of these companies are also demolishing homes and wrecking habitats of many important species. We have romanticized the ideal of capitalism as being best. The problem with capitalism is that is only sustainable as long as you are constantly involved in wars and exploitation of the earth’s resources in order to keep the economy going. It’s ‘capital’ or money, above all else.

I keep writing in these blogs about politicians not practicing what they preach. Both sides ‘sympathize’ and ’empathize’ with the poor and the exploited. But, how many actually shut up and walk the walk and do something to improve the lives of those less fortunate? How many on either side will get out and help till the fields? How many will help at a food bank or visit poor and marginalized communities and ask them how they can best serve them? Your first priority is figuring our how to serve all the people and not just the rich. It is the people whom you serve, not just the wealthy.

As part of my past history in public service, aside from running a mutual aid table where I share information, food and talk with people, I have spent time helping in poorer communities in the US. I spent 2 years in AmeriCorps, where I got to see firsthand, the range of communities in the Midwest. I spent time in Independence, Missouri learning about local history and helping build homes with Habitat for Humanity. I was also at Hurricane Sandy Disaster relief, getting down with the muck and helping people after a horrific event swept buy many of their belongings and homes. I know a thing or 2 about tremendous loss and sacrifice myself. I had a friend die in AmeriCorps, I lost a family member due to the health insurance industry greed, that permeates our country. I am one that is not and never will be under the sway of the mega-corps that run our country.

Corporate greed is also escalating global warming and climate change. Exxon Mobil is a big one. They and others met with climate scientists in the 1970’s to figure out how they could better get the oil. They then worked on melting the ice through constant pollution, to access the oil. They, of course, have faced to serious charges that would dissuade them from their current course, because they have many lobbyists and control many members of congress on both sides. The best way to attack them, is to move away from oil and hit the pocketbooks of congress and the lobbyists, as well as the CEO.

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