How the game is rigged, and how we can move to fix it, a chance for hope

Our Country is extremely divided right now. We have seen this is the January 6 Attempted Coup in the Capitol. This happened, and it’s time to address the underlying issues of why it happened. People in the U.S. are desperate, they are ashamed that they can no longer help their families with the ways that wages have stagnated thanks to the rich and the powerful corporate entities along side them. Trump was elected because people were tired of the inaction of congress on both sides being slave to corporations and they wanted something new.

Trump said the game is rigged, and he is right. But he is part of the class of people who the game is rigged in favor of. That’s how he knows the game is rigged and pretends to sympathize with people. Has he ever worked the field, volunteered in a poor part of town, helped better society? Not many politicians on either side do. It will be hard to fix a broken system and that is exactly what the ruling rich and powerful want. They want us feeling like there is nothing we can do. This is false and they are afraid, afraid that if we stopped following for distractions, deceptions and fighting amongst ourselves for the crumbs, that we would instead focus on hurting them, through acts of self-reliance, community building, marches, protests and violence if it becomes necessary to defend our communities.

Our best chance for hope, not only for ourselves, but for future generations, is to work together and lessen their power. Since they are refusing to increase stagnant wages, so that we can afford to be a consumer-based economy, it is time to stop playing the game. If the game is rigged at the carnival, you stop playing the game. To this end, governments and corporations have worked hard to strip labor protections as well as unions in order to reap profits at the cost of everything else, and have romanticized the ‘American Dream.’ I have friends who bought homes on a part-time job in the 70’s, now that is not even enough for rent.

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