Nurses and Our Current Health System, another non-partisan post

Many of you may have heard in the news about the nurse who was arrested for the murder of her patient after she accidentally gave them the wrong medication. However, in our current corporate system, the health care corporations are not held liable, or in the rare case that they are prosecuted, they throw workers under the bus, because heaven forbid they make shareholders angry. Government doesn’t want to prosecute these oligarchs in charge of the Mega-corps, because then they would lose money. Many parents go into debt, because the fucked-up health care system holds kids hostage to make parents pay for treatments. For those of you reading this, you may also be wondering about my view on vaccines.

Like my first post, I will tell you about myself to give background. I was born in a barn, and my family has been pretty pro-vaccine my whole life. Understandable, because I hail from a wealthier side on my father’s side. However, I can see why people are hesitant to get vaccines, seeing as how the government doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to medical care and minorities in the US.Our government has a bad track record of experimenting on people of color, to which I will provide sources down below, and ignoring marginalized communities, which they still do. I’m a white guy, with Autism, Asthma and Tourrete’s.

Instead of paying nurses and other essential workers a living wage during the pandemic, instead companies put ads on calling them heroes. If they are, in fact, heroes, put money where mouth is and pay them like one. Like earlier posts, people in ‘sacrifice zones’ suffer the most. People in zones like mine, have lower income, and much more exposure to pollutants at levels that our government deems ‘acceptable.’ Our economy would be able to recover faster if our conglomerate companies paid their workers more, and took less of a chunk? But why will they, when they can keep us blind to the fact that they need us more than we need them?

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