Corporate Welfare, and wages

Many time when you hear the term “welfare” you think of poor people, living off the government. What if I told you (matrix meme here lol), that there was another part of welfare, one that costs citizens much more than helping poor people survive? What if I told you that the mega-corps in America (though it does happen in other countries) are the biggest taker of money from the government? They get constant tax-cuts from the government, which the government tells us will be used to create more jobs (and totally, like, not go into the pockets of the CEO or executives at all). Not only do they not hire more workers, but they keep wages stagnant, and then are surprised when workers strike (surprised Pickachu face).

Let’s take some recent examples as workers finally not only start to discover their own importance and value to keeping these companies running, but also gain the courage to strike in solidarity. Ironically, this is one of the better aspects of the pandemic, is that it has given workers the time to reflect on themselves. At Kellogg’s, workers went on strike to protest working condition and wages. In Alabama, workers at Amazon tried to get the company unionized, which is still being fought against, as more places try to unionize against Bezos. I’ll delve back into wages, and how companies are refusing to share the pie, with those who make-or-break the company.

Wages are a complicated story, but suffice to say, is that any job should pay you a wage that you need to live ( a living wage). In the 70’s, workers were still able to afford a home on a part-time job. Unions were also strong around this time as well. The reason that large, multi-national companies fear unions so much, is that they fear a united workforce, as opposed to just a few workers against them. Fearful of having to pay living wages and not being able to afford that last mansion or private jet. This is why Reagan worked hard to dismantle unions and that Clinton worked hard to dismantle them as well. Both were interested in corporate backing.

In my experience, we need more working class being involved in politics, which is why I’m running in my district in a few years, when re-election for the seat is up. The reason that I’m running, is I know all too well, the struggles of the poor and working class, I myself coming from humble backgrounds, and identify more with the lower-income part of my family, as I refuse to become wealthy at the expense of someone else. I have traveled to the darker places of my city and have seen the poor on the streets and living out of vans. This is why I have my mutual aid table, both to get out information to the community, but also food. I have worked a minimum-wage job as a server, and have worked my ass off for 1.5$/hour working to make our country a better place by trying to provide structure to communities who were/are struggling. I, too, am tired of this bullshit. I will spend my life in politics and in the time that I can to help others, to try and make this a better world to live in. (This is a website about unions and their benefits).

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