Oligarchs and the US Economy

Currently the US is being run by Oligarchs and the rich. This will literally kill our country and eventually the world, regardless of who you are. We place profits over people, and our communities. I’d like what is happening in our country to be changed for the better with violence, because I’ve seen the aftermath of violence, our veterans come home with PTSD and nightmares, coming home with horrific injuries to a country where we simply don’t care. The rich and those in power use soldiers as pawns, and then refuse to care for them once they get home.

I understand why people see violence as the only way to get this system to change. We must instead fight with our voices and march, boycott their goods and come together as communities. I see violence as a last resort.

During this pandemic, many are suffering from burnout, which stems from being overworked and underpaid. Many just need a break. Other countries picked up on this long before the current pandemic. Take for example, autoworkers. They are paid $67 VS $34 in Germany compared to US autoworkers. Therefore, they have better cars. 

The US is the only country without a paid parental leave as well, which is anywhere from 12 weeks to more than 20. Workers in other countries work much less, and earn more. If we are going to have a functioning society, we need jobs that will offer mental health benefits, as well as living wages. Our middle class is disappearing and the rich keep getting richer. 

The time is now to move away from this corruption of an unfettered capitalism. Now is the time for more communal gardens, and coming together as communities. We can’t compete with the upper class, and it’s time to stop playing their game. Spending time with family, and living free is what life is about. Finding happiness instead of letting the oligarchs break your body at a less-than-living wage. Instead, we are depending on the rich to pay for many aspects of society, and we have stopped taxing them, and hope that they are generous. 

We have a broken system, and it’s time to fix it. The power stems not from the companies or our leaders, but from “we the people.” The common citizenry has the power to change the country for the better, focusing more on family and communal living. The common people wear ourselves out and are working ourselves to death for little to no gain. It’s time to take back our lives and stop kissing up and being hopeless. 

If we all quit living in this system and instead came together, there’s not much the ruling class could do. They can’t function without people to fill their jobs at their large, multi-national companies. We need to get back to our roots, it doesn’t need to be violent, but humanity must again be free. We must put aside our differences, and stop letting the ruling wealthy divide us. We have so much more in common than we think.

Sources for information: https://20somethingfinance.com/american-hours-worked-productivity-vacation/

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