Mental Health

Mental health is one of the most important facets of everyday life. In America, we have little to no union protection and are a highly capitalist nation. This is not a nation of small business capitalism, but one of gigantic, mega-corps and multi-national corporations that exploit adult workers, as well as children, in many cases. Americans are the most over-worked nation as far as hours go, as well as one of the most underpaid. We take value in the dollar over human life. As I see in everyday life, we do not care the human cost, as long as we get our products from these companies.

America is a failing country for many reasons; a shrinking middle-class, lack of care for our environment, the hypocrisy of our government and industrials, as well as not paying it’s workers a living wage. These corporations are wondering why workers aren’t wanting to return to offices and to their jobs even after the pandemic. It is simple; workers are burnt out and underpaid. Many of us are breaking down for years of toil, yet no wages worthy of our work. Workers are quitting and not coming back to work, because it’s not worth it to them to work. If you work, you have to pay for a car, health insurance, money in the bank for accidents, food, gas in the tank and others.

Before anyone says how I couldn’t possibly understand both sides of the wealth gap; let me fill you in on a bit about my history. I was born in a barn as a farm boy, with a midwife helping with the birthing process. My mothers side is on the lower side income and my father on the upper side. I’ve been a part of protest marches and I’m not afraid to march and put pressure on the rich to change through fear. It’s not Republican V.S. Democrat, but rich v.s. poor. Our current capitalistic system exploits those and has those at the bottom and middle kill themselves trying to reach the top. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, we need to come together and work to survive in communities to limit the power of the rich.

How many of us have lost faith in our ability to care for our families and care for our communities? We must fight back! Nothing will ever change if we do not. The US is crumbling and has been for a while. We must fight for our wages, and for our family, against these lobbyists and oligarchs, whether this be the oil ones, or Bezos and Musk, etc. We call them businessmen, when they are really oligarchs and tycoons who are destroying our country and shrinking the middle class.

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